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Factors to Consider When Flying With Your Cat

Cats are one of the most domesticated pets, and is estimated that about thirty-five percent of the American population pet a cat. This makes the number of pet cat to be more than 85.8 million. You may not want to be parted with your cat when you travel, as you love it so much. Moving or going for a vacation is one of the reasons that will make you travel in your car. You can find it a bit challenging, when you want to fly with your cat. Reading this website for vitality science for cats will then equip you with some of the best things you need to consider in case you fly with your cat, and this has made the process even easier.

The first thing you need to consider is to study the pet policy. It is key to consider the pet policy of the airline before you book your flight tickets. An airline may be charging flying with the pet and you are not aware of this, so you need to consider this. Different airlines also have different guidelines on the carrier that you need to carry the pet when you travel, so you need to consider this as well. Flying with your cat will mean that you look for a nonstop airline. The pet carrier is one of the luggage you will need to carry along. You will then be allowed to carry extra luggage that can be your backpack, purse or a tote, that you can keep in the overhead compartment. The rest of the luggage that you carry along should be checked in.

The other consideration you will need to have is an earlier booking for the pet with the airline that you have chosen. It is because of the limited space in the cargo that will make you book in advance. Some airlines will even want you to carry along a health certificate for the pet. Ten days before the day of flight can be the issuance of the pet health certificate, and this will show you how some airlines are very strict.

In case you want to travel with your cat, you will be required to perform a screening procedure at the airport. The pet needs to pass through the security checkpoint barefooted, and this will mean that you take it out of the carrier. You will not want to be inconvenienced when the pet can’t pass through the security checkpoint, so you will stage a rehearsal security checkpoint at home. At every session of the practice, you will need to praise the cat so that they can tolerate the action and find it pleasant. Is it necessary to reach the airport early, or else you will need to go through the screening after the pet’s paperwork.