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Creative Business Cards for Family Businesses

Many business cards are dull and boring. There is nothing to make them stand out in the crowd, and the business doesn’t obtain a good return on investment as a result. However, this does not have to be the case. With the help of creative Business Cards for Family Businesses, any organization can attract attention for all of the right reasons and remain in the mind of the consumer. This is of great help when it comes to branding the organization. What are some creative ideas for these business cards that any organization may make use of?

Appliance Repair

An appliance repair company ensures the household runs smoothly at all times. Imagine a washing machine breaking down, leaving a family of six with no option but to go to the laundromat until the machine is up and running once again. When the family-run appliance repair company arrives to fix the machine, the technician can present the family with a package of clothespins with the company name, phone number, and business URL on each clothespin. The family can pull the clothespins out in the event the machine breaks again or the dryer quits working and use the pins to hang clothes out. The information presented on the pin lets them know exactly who to call to fix the machine quickly.

Agricultural Services

A family-owned farm or veterinary service can dress up company business cards with the help of texture. For instance, a farm that supplies organic chicken eggs to the community may wish to give customers a business card with a picture of a chicken on the front. Instead of the traditional paper-only business card, this card may have imitation feathers attached to the chicken. Customers will remember this card and the name of the company when they need to replenish their egg supply. Vets can do the same, creating a business card featuring a cat or dog and using imitation materials to resemble the fur on these common pets.

These are only two of many creative ways a company can create a truly memorable business card. Look to your industry to see what distinguishes it from others and capitalize on this when creating the card. The time spent on this process pays off in the end when customers bring the company to mind immediately as soon as a product or service it offers is needed.