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How One of Montreal’s Leading Real Estate Developers Spends His Time

Business leaders tend to have more energy than the average person and to be a lot more ambitious as well. Where most people might be content to sit back and relax, members of the business elite tend to look for challenging new projects to tackle.

That can easily be seen with a quick look at the social media pages maintained and updated by many such moguls. Posts by Kheng Ly on Facebook, for instance, combine to describe a life rarely spent standing still.

Always Finding Something Exciting and Interesting to Do

Many residents of Montreal are content to work to live, and there is nothing wrong with that. Appreciating life outside of the nine-to-five grind is a talent that plenty of people worldwide would do well to develop.

Some individuals, though, seem to always need to be doing something productive. This is especially true of many especially notable business leaders, as success tends not to come to those who have a habit of holding back.

Montreal-based real estate developer Kheng Ly is one such hard-charging overachiever. Recent posts on his Facebook page detail projects like:

  • YUL. When the first plans became public, thought leaders all over Montreal opined that the YUL condo complex would change the city forever. The positive influence this major condo development has had on the downtown area can hardly be overstated. As one of the largest and most expensive building projects in Montreal’s history, YUL has rightly received plenty of attention.
  • QuinzeCent. A worthy successor to the glamorous, ambitious YUL development, QuinzeCent has a distinctive personality of its own. The development’s open spaces and high-end materials have already made it a favorite of many who value residential excellence.
  • Fundraising for Santa Cabrini Hospital. Being committed to a particular line of business does not need to mean being one dimensional. Ly has been a consistently committed supporter of local assets like the Santa Cabrini Hospital.

Many More Opportunities Await

With these being only a few of the real estate developer’s most recent projects, it should be clear that life is never boring for Kheng Ly. The type of drive and energy it takes to stay on top of so many activities might be out of reach for most, but it is surely a source of satisfaction for many who have it.