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5G Technology and Wireline Connectivity-Addressing the Need for Convergence in the Commercial Real Estate Industry

By and large, as we start out in this post, one thing that has to be mentioned as we seek to analyze the impact and importance of wireline and wireless connectivity is that having a reliable cellular and data network is a need that is proving to be so central to a number of businesses out there. Read on in this post and see some of the facts that you need to know of when it comes to issues of 5G technology and connectivity, more so looking at the commercial real estate industry.

Talking of these, the first bit of fact that should be known is that up to 95% of Americans own cellphones and out of these, a whole 77% of them own smartphones, as per reports seen from past statistical findings. As a result of the fact that there has been such a drop in the usage of the traditional broadband when it comes to connectivity needs and issues, it is becoming more and more clear and apparent that players in the commercial real estate industry have their tenants connected via cellular signal so as to ensure that they are satisfied and as such have that necessary competitive advantage in this highly competitive real estate industry.

Considering the fact of the impending introduction of 5G tech and connectivity solutions, this being such a solution that has promised and shown signs of being such a game changer when it comes to issues connectivity, it is so clear that the need for connectivity is going to be one of the most integral aspects of daily life like has never been in the past.

In as much as this may be the case, in as much as this is one tech that is promising so much when it comes to connectivity, when it comes to commercial real estate connectivity needs and overall connectivity anyway, it is to be appreciated as a fact that this will have to co-exist with the current 4G LTE networks and the traditional ones for some time. In this post we see some of the facts that explain the reasons why there will have to be such a convergence between these various forms of communications and connectivity solutions even in the face of all these developments and advancements, more so when it comes to the commercial real estate connectivity needs.

Talking of 5G, this is basically the fifth generation of wireless technology and it is a standard that is purposed to deliver such superior data speeds, actually speeds greater than 1 gigabit a second with rather low latency, intended to be less than a millisecond. What we see in this is the fact that with 5G, there will be much data speeds, some saying that these will be 100 times faster than the speed of the commonplace 4G LTE, and there is as well less delay between the request for a data transfer and the start of the data transference in a cellular environment.

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