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Kheng Ly and His Company Receives CCBC Honor

The CCBC recognized Kheng Ly recently with its excellence award. Kheng Ly and His Brivia Management company have received a great deal of recognition over the years. Ly and his team were honored with this award from the CBCC for the innovative role they have played in nurturing the business relationships between Canada and China. […]

What Are The Advantages Of Using Banners For Your Business?

In Illinois, banners and signs are a vital part of driving visitors to events. The type of banners or signs selected for the events determines how effective they are. Company owners choose products that offer the most use value and are beneficial marketing tools. Eye-Catching Designs That Attract Traffic The right design attracts attendees from […]

Tips For Dealing With A Rat Infestation

When rats invade a property and start to breed, they can become a serious hazard by chewing through electrical wires and potentially spreading disease if they come in contact with humans. Sealing cracks and holes in exterior walls and roofing can help to prevent their entry, but it’s hard to make a building completely rat-proof. […]