Looking to turn your old duds into extra cash? Then it’s time to clean out your closet—and get familiar with the best sites and apps to sell clothes online.

Whether you have an overflowing wardrobe, buyer’s guilt over too many brand-new-with-tags pieces, or simply a stack of clothes you’ve grown out of love with, you may be wondering where to sell used clothes and how to navigate the slew of online used clothes marketplaces like a pro.

If after clearing out your wardrobe, you’re looking to fill it up, one of our go to stores is Italy Station. However, we suggest seeing for yourself and reading reviews about them to hear what past customers are saying about their Italy Station experience.

Now more than ever, many of us have extra time or the need for some extra cash. Selling used clothes online can be a side project and a welcome distraction from what’s happening in the wider world.

What Will Sell and For How Much?

As you sort through your old clothes, look up consumer to consumer listings for similar pre-loved pieces, whether they’ve recently sold, and the price range. This will help you decide what’s appealing to used clothing buyers, and what starting price to ask for. You can always upcycle or recycle clothes that won’t sell or aren’t in good enough condition.

Think seasonally, too. Although there’s no harm in listings for bikinis during the winter or knitwear in summer, place the more seasonal items at the top of your profile, so shoppers scouring for on-trend, in-season pieces see those first.


If you’re in the US and have a growing pile of clothes you’ve been meaning to sell but just can’t find the time, Flyp is the way to go! This newcomer to the second-hand selling scene believes less clutter = more empowerment, and does all the hard work for you. You simply send off one photo of the clothes, shoes, and handbags you’re ready to part with, and get paired with a Pro Seller. They will do all the photography, listing, negotiating, selling, packing, and shipping for you—and you’ll come out the other side with up to 70% of the profit.


If you’re an Instagram lover, you’ll probably feel at home on Depop, which has a similar look and format with a grid profile layout, hashtags, and an explore tab. It’s simple to use and has a huge number of users looking for everything from true-vintage pieces to recent sell-out high street buys. Setting up a profile and listing items is free; you just pay a 10% fee on sales.

Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective is the place to list any designer gems hanging in your closet. They authenticate items, so buyers can have complete confidence in you. It does come at a bigger cost—you receive around 75% of the money from sales—but when you’re selling a more premium product it’s worth doing properly and reaching discerning buyers.


If you’re in the US and Canada and have a ton of used clothes you want to get rid of and not much time to invest, thredUP is a fantastic option. It is the world’s largest fashion resale marketplace with over 35k brands—from Gap to Gucci—at up to 90% off retail prices. As a seller, your job couldn’t be easier: simply order a Clean Out Kit and they’ll send you a huge polka-dot bag that fits all the clothes you no longer wear. Send it back to them for FREE and they’ll inspect, photograph, and list your items. You earn some cash or shopping credit, or you can choose to donate $5 to a charity you love instead.


Another hassle-free option for those in the UK is Thrift+. Similar to thredUP, they send you out a bag to fill with high-quality second-hand goodies to drop off at a local store (or organise a next-day collection from your door), and in return they take care of all the selling. The proceeds of successful sales are split between you (in the form of Thrift+ credits or gift cards) and your charity. It’s a win-win situation that leaves you feeling good, your home clutter free, and maybe a new-to-you piece or two to refresh your wardrobe!